Shaving can be enjoyable: Gillette ProShield Chill with cooling technology

The grooming and shaving ritual

For most of us, each and every morning starts in the bathroom where we begin our daily grooming. And for many people, that includes shaving.

Everything that we do during our shaving ritual is not just done to make us feel clean, but should also help us to feel confident and ready to face the day ahead.

We brush our teeth with minty-fresh toothpaste for an added boost of freshness – maybe we use mouthwash and floss too. We wash our face and body with scented soaps that may moisturise or exfoliate our skin to make it smooth, soft and nice smelling.

However, men rarely enjoy the shaving part of their grooming ritual. While the other steps involved with daily grooming can feel relaxing or invigorating, shaving is often seen as an unpleasant chore.

When the shaving ritual becomes a chore

Why is it that the morning shaving ritual is often seen as an unpleasant chore rather than a luxury? Well, it can have a lot to do with the tools that you’re using, including your razor.

Even a good shaving technique and a quality razor with an appropriate number of blades may leave you feeling underwhelmed.

That’s why Gillette added some invigorating technology to the grooming and shaving ritual.

Cooling sensation with Gillette ProShield Chill

There’s a lot of technology packed into Gillette razors to give you a close, comfortable shave:

1. 5 precision-engineered blades for a smooth, close shave with minimal nicks and cuts
2. Suspension for the blades to better track the irregular terrain of your face.

3. Precision Trimmer to help you reach tricky areas, even out sideburns, and style a beard or moustache.
4. Flexball Technology to provide great contact over contours while you shave.
5. Front-pivot razor cartridge to redirect and redistribute the pressure of your hand.

The Gillette ProShield Chill takes these advancements one step further, ProShield Chill features a lubrastrip with proprietary cooling technology after the blades. It not only provides glide and protection, but also a cooling, refreshing feeling during the shave.

ProShield Chill: shields and cools while you shave, so you leave the bathroom feeling great and ready to start the day.

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