Ayuda a evitar las erupciones causadas por las hojas de afeitar Gillette en suspensión

Helping prevent shaving rash: Gillette's suspension blades

The importance of razor blade suspension

When you drive over rough terrain, your suspension smooths your ride. Whether you’re going near or far on your bike, in a car or truck, or on a motorcycle, the suspension beneath you allows you to tackle any road that you come across, whether it’s slick and wet or rocky and uneven.

Suspension is an important part of many tools and machines, but you may not think about how it works for you, in your razor.

Even though the surface of your facial skin may seem smooth, it is actually rough terrain, very similar to a rough road. A magnified view of your face would reveal various peaks, valleys and craters. The surface of your neck has an even more irregular terrain.

The challenge, then, is getting your razor blade, which is straight, to glide over this uneven surface to create a smooth, close, comfortable shave – without causing shaving rash.
This is where razor blade suspension comes into play.

How razor blade suspension works

Each blade in your Gillette MACH3 and Fusion5 razors is mounted on its own, independent, finger-like springs. This allows each razor blade to rise or fall in response to the pressure of the hand and the variations of the skin, allowing for a close and comfortable shave on any type of skin.

The result: A close, comfortable shave, minimizing your chances of getting shaving rash.

Blade suspension helps prevent shaving rash

There are many additional things that you can do to help prevent shaving rash and irritation:
  • Wash your skin thoroughly before each shave.
  • Lubricate your face with shaving gel or foam to enhance glide over your skin.
  • Choose a 3-blade razor, such as Gillette MACH3, or a 5-blade razor, such as the Gillette ProGlide. Multi-blade razors give a closer, more comfortable shave with less irritation (than single-blade razors).
  • Choose a razor that has lubrication strips before and after the blades, such as Gillette ProShield, to help shield against irritation.

Precise razor blade suspension is just one piece of the smooth shave equation, but it’s an important – and often overlooked – component of the quest to avoid shaving rash. Just one of the many razor innovations brought to your daily shaving routine by Gillette.

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