Minimizar Rasguños Y Cortes Al Afeitarse

Minimizing nicks and cuts while shaving

The myth about shaving cuts

You may think that men who cut themselves during their shaving routine are careless. In fact, the opposite is true

Men who end up with shaving cuts and nicks often do so because they are trying too hard to achieve the closest possible shave.

They are often pressing their razors too hard against their faces as they pull the blades across their skin in the belief that they will achieve a closer result.

Gillette’s advanced technology was designed to help distribute pressure away from the blades, helping prevent shaving cuts.

Front-pivot handle razors help prevent nicks and cuts

How your razor and its blades interact with your skin and hair while you shave has a lot to do with how they have been designed.

The downward pressure applied to your razor blades while shaving causes the soft skin underneath the razor to ripple and bulge between the blades of the razor’s cartridge.

A razor with a centre-mounted handle transfers all of that downward pressure directly to the blades, increasing the likelihood of shaving cuts and nicks. On the other hand, a razor with a front pivot handle, like those found on many Gillette razors such as MACH3 and Fusion5, moves the load away from the blades and onto the Microfins

Moreover, multi-blade razors spread the downward pressure from your hand more evenly across your skin.

More blades in your razor’s cartridge, when spaced at the right distance apart, spread the load more evenly across the blade area, resulting in less bulging of the skin between the blades –the result: lower risk of shaving cuts

For example, a 5-blade razor cartridge (such as that on the Gillette ProGlide), reduces skin bulging by more than 30%, compared to Gillette’s 3-blade cartridge, MACH3.

Smaller bulges mean a more even skin surface. As a result, the shave is close, comfortable and you are less likely to cut yourself.

How to prevent shaving cuts

Reducing your chances of cutting yourself while shaving starts with using the right razor.

The Gillette Fusion5 family of razors has several features that are ideal for helping to prevent shaving nicks and cuts:

  • Front-pivot handle to direct pressure away from the razor blades. (Also featured on MACH3.)
  • 5-blade cartridge to distribute the pressure load more evenly across the skin.
  • Precision-engineered blade tips
  • Microfin skin guards that gently stretch the skin to smoothen the surface
  • One or more lubrastrips to help protect your skin as you shave
The right razor, paired with a quality shaving cream can reduce your chances of cutting yourself during your shaving routine.

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