Beard shapes for men with long faces

4 Best Beards for Long Faces

A long face is characterized by a face length that is longer than the face width, and a forehead that is often the same length as the cheek bones. With a long, rectangular face shape, you’ll want a beard that shows off your strong jawline. The trick is to keep your beard shorter on the bottom and longer on the sides.

Here are the four best-looking beard styles for this oblong face shape.

Beard Styles for Longer Faces

Mutton Chops Beard

Long sideburns and a mustache make up the traditional Mutton Chops Beard. Before you shave, let your facial hair grow to about half an inch long so you get an even length.

Gunslinger Beard and Mustache

This look is a cross between Mutton Chops and a Horseshoe Mustache. Make sure to keep the hair shorter on your neck and cheeks.

Chin Strip

A Chin Strip is just a short dab of hair down the chin.

Chin Strap Style Beard

The Chin Strap Beard circles the chin and helps your jawline look more defined. Start by trimming the neck, but don’t go too high. You want the beard to extend just below the chin line.

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