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Is a cut-throat razor right for you?

The traditional cut-throat razor is a single long blade that usually folds into a handle. Using it requires a steady, practiced hand to help avoid irritation and cuts – and men don’t always have time for that anymore. Gillette® shaving technologies have evolved beyond cut-throat razors by boasting thinner, finer blades, advanced lubrication, and pivoting razor heads to ease the shaving process.

Changes to Gillette razors and blades are the result of decades of unique engineering and manufacturing innovation. Gillette had to invent a way to weld narrow blades onto blade supports almost as thin as beard hair. Blade edges are now so sharp that advanced electron microscopy is used by Gillette scientists to study them.

For generations, Gillette has earned the trust of men to help them look, feel, and be their best every day.

Don’t live in the past

Considering switching to a cut-throat razor? We’ll help you make the right choice.
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Blade quality

Gillette razors

Thin and fine precision-engineered stainless steel blades to minimise tug and pull

Straight razors

A high-quality stainless steel blade is needed to decrease the likelihood of irritation.

Shave quality

Gillette razors

Multiple blades + ergonomic handles give you a close, comfortable shave experience. The first blade not only cuts the hair, but it also lifts it out of the skin; the next blade(s) cut progressively closer, enabling fewer strokes and leaving a closer shave with less irritation.

Straight razors

A single blade edge that requires more effort to get a close and comfortable shave


Gillette razors

Get our most advanced shave with ProGlide® Manual Razor with Flexball Handle Technology. With five blades placed close together, skin bulges less between blades, reducing pressure and providing more comfort.* Gillette razors with FlexBall technology respond to facial contours and get virtually every hair.

Straight razors

You’ll need to perfect your technique to minimise nicks.

Additional tools

Gillette razors

Shaving gel or foam

Straight razors

You’ll need a strop, hone, brush, and shave cream.


Gillette razors

One Gillette blade equals about one month of shaves.

Straight razors

Strop the blade before every shave, and hone every few months.

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* Vs. MACH3®