Afeitar los mitos falsos

Shaving myths and facts

Shaving myths are like urban legends. The Mr Science side of your brain knows the difference between shaving myths and facts, but if it’s so obvious, how come the myths are still around? Here are a few of the most popular myths, 100% bunk-free.

Wet shaving every day makes beard hair grow back faster. Or thicker. Or darker.

If old wives ever sat around telling shaving tales, this would be number one. Hair growth, thickness and colour are controlled by genes, not by how often you shave.

New razors make more cuts, not the perfect shave

Try the opposite: an older razor or one with damaged blades is more likely to cause cuts. The duller the blade, the more pressure you need to use to shave, which is how those wet shaving cuts happen. If it feels like the blade is tugging at your skin or the shave doesn’t feel as close as usual, that’s a sign it’s probably time to change blades.

Razor blades should be changed weekly

How fast a razor blade gets dull depends on several things: the quality of the blade, the way it’s made, how often you shave; whether you have prepared first with shave gel, and how the blade is cared for after each shave. After years of observing thousands of men shave, we know that everyone’s a little different and that men ultimately should trust their own feeling about when it’s time to change a blade. Changing blades once a week is probably too often if you’re using a high-quality blade. For example, one of Gillette’s best blades can give men up to a month of shaves.*

Real men don’t shave below the neck

Whether you call it “manscaping” or “body grooming”, below-the-neck shaves have many, many fans. One survey by Gillette shows that nearly 4 in 10 men keep it trimmed or bare down there. A rogue 7% said they’ve done their manscaping with the razor their flatmate uses for his face... Come on, guys.

So now you know the top shaving myths and facts. But like the myths of the 40-hour working week and the instant six-pack ab exercise, these popular shaving myths are probably not gone for good.*

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*Based on three to four shaves per week.