How to shave your face: a guide to men's shaving

How to shave your face: a guide to men's shavinghow to shave your face: a guide to men's shaving

It's a new day, and now is the perfect time to get ready and start something great. Learn how to shave your face by reading our tips below.

Whether you’re shaving for the first time or you’re a pro, we have some tips on how to get a smoother, more comfortable shave. It’s simple — we do it almost every day — and yet there’s endless debate about how to do it right. So we took on the mental heavy lifting on behalf of men and came back with an eight-step guide on how to shave your face, made simple.

STEP 1: Hydrate

First, hydrate to help minimize nicks, cuts, and irritation while shaving. We recommend that you shave immediately after showering, or even in the shower. Hydrating softens your hair, allowing the razor to glide more easily. Use a face scrub or wash to remove oil, dirt, and dead skin, preparing your skin for a comfortable shave.

STEP 2: Apply shaving cream

Apply a shave gel or foam – lather it up and spread it all over to help hydrate hairs, improve razor glide, and help protect against irritation such as razor burn while you shave. Learn more here about why you need shaving cream, and the differences between shave gels and foams.

STEP 3: Check for dull blades

Check the lubrication strips; if they look faded or worn, or if the blades feel dull while shaving, it may be time for a new cartridge.

STEP 4: Use light, gentle strokes

Use light, gentle strokes, letting your razor do the work – the Gillette ProShield has a pivoting Flexball that adapts to the contours of your face.

STEP 5: Rinse your blades often

Rinse your blades often. Remember, don’t shave without shaving cream or over-shave the same spot, as this can cause irritation. Tapping your razor against the sink can seriously damage the precisely engineered parts of your razor.

STEP 6: Shave both with and against the grain

So, with or against the grain? The answer is both. Facial hair grows in many directions so you’ll shave both with and against the grain at different times in your routine. Shave in the direction that feels most comfortable. An advanced multi-blade razor like ProShield will help you get a comfortable shave even against the grain.

STEP 7: Edge with the precision trimmer

Use the precision trimmer on the back any fusion5 razor to get those hard-to-reach places like under your nose and to define your sideburns.

STEP 8: Apply moisturizer or aftershave

Wash your face with cool water and pat it dry. Rub in a hydrating aftershave to replenish moisture and soothe your skin.

You have just mastered how to shave your face!

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