King C. Gillette Double Edge Razor

Experience the classic look, feel and craftsmanship of Gillette’s traditional straight razors combined with 21st century shaving know-how with the King C. Gillette Double Edge Safety Razor. Inspired by the original iconic razor launched by King Camp Gillette in 1901, this safety razor features a specially optimised razor handle and double-edged blades for a close, smooth shave on the areas around your beard and moustache.  
How to Use a Double Edge Safety Razor 

Prepare your face for shaving by washing your facial hair using the King C. Gillette Beard & Face Wash, before lubricating your face with the King C. Gillette Transparent Shave Gel 


Shave with the grain (the same direction that your hair grows in), using short razor strokes, positioning the safety razor at a 30° angle for maximum precision. 


Shave against the grains for a closer shave


Holding machine upside down, unscrew handle and lift up blade guard and used blade.


Attach a new blade to the top using the center screw and the two posts to keep the blade straight.


Replace the guard and reattach the handle by turning clockwise until fully tightened.

Features and Benefits

  • Choice of two cutting edges
  • Safety cap holds the double-edged (DE) razor blade in place
  • Single razor blade is made from high-quality stainless steel, coated with platinum for added durability and an anti-friction coating for a more comfortable shave 
  • Guard with comb helps to control the distance between the blade and the skin
  • Metal handle features a patterned surface for enhanced grip and control
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