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The earliest razor handles were very simple: a razor was just a single blade fixed to a straight handle.Times have changed, and razor technology has improved, driven by Gillette’s ongoing quest for a closer, more comfortable shave.

All Fusion razors fit all Fusion ProGlide , and Fusion blades .All MACH3razors fit all MACH3 blade refills.


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  • Fusion® Manual Razor

    Provides advanced 5-blade technology that helps reduce pressure for a close, comfortable shave—even on sensitive skin.

    Product features:

    Flexible Comfort Guard features Microfins that follow the contours of your face;
    Lubrication Strip fades to white when you may no longer be getting an optimal shave from your razor blade.


    The All Purpose Gillette STYLER trims evenly, shaves closely, and edges precisely. Styler has everything you need to achieve any facial hair style:

    The Gillette All Purpose STYLER combines Fusion ProGlide blades and a Braun-engineered trimmer to trim evenly, shave closely, and edge precisely. This all-purpose tool is waterproof and shower safe, so you can trim while you shower, and it works with all Gillette Fusion blade refills, so you can easily master your signature facial hair style with just one tool.

    Braun-engineered technology with three exchangeable combs

    For even trimming and ultimate manoeuvrability, the Gillette All Purpose STYLER is designed with Braun-engineered technology. It also comes with three exchangeable combs, each a different length, so you can experiment with various beard and moustache styles.

    Truly all-purpose

    The Gillette All Purpose STYLER fits all Gillette Fusion blade refills, so you can enjoy a custom shave.

    Precision Trimmer

    Turn the razor blade around to use the Precision Edging blade. It helps you shave tricky places and create crisp and defined lines.

    Waterproof design

    The All Purpose Gillette STYLER is watertight and totally safe to use in wet environments, so you can use it in or out of the shower.

    Easy upkeep of your favourite style

    Shave or trim with sharp, precise lines near your cheekbones. Keep your beard short on the sides and fuller on your chin to take advantage of your square jawline.

    Slim your round face with an angled shave along your cheekbones. Keeping hair full on your chin will also help.

    An oval face is the ideal shape for almost any beard style.

    With a rectangular face, keep your beard shorter on bottom and longer on the sides to show off your strong facial structure.

  • MACH3® Sensitive Razor

    The three blades of the Gillette Mach3 Sensitive Razor are treated with an Advanced Anti-Friction Coating, allowing the razor to remove each hair with less feel of irritation. Soft, protective Microfins allows the razor to shave evenly and effortlessly. The Indicator Lubrication Strip helps ensure that your Mach3 Sensitive blades keeps gliding across your skin, shave after shave.

    - 5 Technologies to help defend against shaving irritation
    - Enhanced Lubricating Strip (vs.Mach3)
    - Advanced pivoting head (vs. Gillette Blue II Plus Disposable)
    - Superior cartridge geometry (vs. Gillette Blue II Plus Disposable)
    - Microfin skin guard- Individually spring mounted blades

    For best shaving performance, use MACH3 Sensitive Blades with this razor handle.

    * MACH3 razors vs. Gillette® CustomPlus®; previously sold as M3POWER


    New Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology responds to contours to make maximum contact* and gets virtually every hair. Our best blades are now 2X preferred when used with FlexBall Technology (overall preference vs. former ProGlide, among Proglide users).

    Product features:

    Makes maximum contact*;
    5 re-engineered blades for less tug and pull**;
    Gillette’s #1 razor on sensitive skin; All Fusion razor blades fit all Fusion handles.

    * Vs. Fusion
    ** First four blades versus Gillette® Fusion razor

  • Blue III® Disposable Razor

    Gillette Blue3 Men's Disposable Razor offers a smoother shave and has 100% better rinsing.*

    It features an enhanced Lubrastrip for extraordinary comfort.** A pivoting head adjusts to the contours of your face. Complete with a soft Ultragrip handle for great control.

    *vs BlueII
    **vs BlueII Plus

    Overall Rating


    Gillette Fusion ProShield men’s razor, with lubrication before & after the blades, shields from irritation while you shave.

    ProShield Chill features Cooling technology for a refreshing sensation during the shave.

    It features 5 precision blades for incredible comfort. With Gillette’s thinnest and finest blades (first 4 blades, same as ProGlide), ProShield allows less tug & pull vs Fusion.

    This razor comes complete with a Precision Trimmer on the back, great for edging tough areas such as under the nose and sideburns.

    Complete with FlexBall technology, ProShield responds to contours & gets virtually every hair. One razor blade refill equals up to one month of shaves.

    This Fusion ProShield razor can be used with any Fusion blade refills.

  • Fusion® Power Razor

    On the front, Gillette® Fusion Power features five PowerGlide razor blades spaced closer together for a comfortable shave. This design distributes the shaving force across the razor blades to help reduce pressure, supplying more comfort and less irritation than MACH3®.

    Product features:

    Precision Trimmer handles tricky areas, such as sideburns and under the nose;
    Battery power for soothing Micropulses that help reduce friction and increase razor glide, so you’ll barely feel the blades*;
    Lubrication Strip fades to white when you may no longer be getting an optimal shave from your razor blade.

    * Vs. Fusion Manual

  • Gillette BODY™ Disposable Razor

    The first razor built for male terrain. With rounded-head technology, this razor is designed to go where other razors aren’t. Experience comfort even in the toughest hard-to-reach areas every time you shave.

    Product features:

    3 Lubricating Strips for outstanding glide;
    Forward-pivoting head easily adapts to body contours;
    An anti-slip grip for exceptional control, even in the shower.

  • MACH3® Razor

    Gillette Mach3 men’s manual razor delivers a close shave, without all the redness while feeling better after the 10th shave than a new disposable does on the first (vs. BlueII Plus Disposable).

    It features 3 DuraComfort blades for long-lasting comfort.
    A lubrication strip glides to help protect your skin from redness, while an advanced skin guard helps stretch your skin, and prepares your hair to be cut.

    Mach3 manual razors fit all Mach3 blade refills.
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