Gillette Blue3 Smart Razor

Gillette Blue3 Smart Razor

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Easily replace your razor blades

Makes replacing your razor’s blades effortless. By exchanging your blades regularly you experience a better shave for better value, while using less plastic.

Enjoy a smooth, close shave

The water-activated lubrastrip provides lubrication to your skin. It enables the blades to glide easily over your skin. Comfortgel technology proving up to 10 comfortable shaves for each cartridge.

One ergonomic handle

One ergonomic handle designed to be comfortable to hold while you are shaving and be used with all the refills in the pack.

Take a full control of shaving

Three skin sensing blades that automatically adjust to the skin’s surface to give a close, smooth, and comfortable shave. additionally, the five elastomer fins gently stretch the skin to create a smooth, even surface for optimal shave.

Gillette Blue3 Smart Razor