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4 Top Goatee Beard Styles to Try

You don’t have to grow a full beard for great-looking facial hair. If you’ve got a round face, square face shape, or narrow chin, get to know an underrated, classic beard style: the goatee. The Goatee without a mustache is a popular style for round faces, while the Royale Beard Goatee looks great on faces with strong jaw lines.

Before diving into the best styles right now, let’s start with how to shave a goatee.

How to Shave a Goatee Beard

First things first—make sure you have the right tools. The Gillette All Purpose Styler & Beard Trimmer comes with everything you need, like three different comb lengths: 6mm, 4mm, and 2mm. Comb your facial hair before you shave to stop the trimmer from clogging.
Gillette All Purpose Styler & Beard Trimmer
Once you’ve picked a style, you’ll trim along the beard line, making sure all your hairs are about 3-5mm long (about ¼ inch). After you’re done, shape your goatee with the precision trimmer, starting from the neck to the cheeks.

Next, wash your face, pat your skin dry, and put on some shaving cream. Goatees look best with defined edges, so this is where your razor takes over. Make sure the skin around your new goatee is clean shaven using a fresh razor and light strokes. After you’re done, rinse your face and moisturize.

4 Goatee Beard Styles

The key to any goatee is to keep your beard short on the sides and fuller on your chin. Keep those lines sharp near your cheekbones.

Goatee Beard

Also known as a “Circle Beard“, the goatee style is a chin patch with a mustache. Use a trimmer to shape the beard, then shave the rest of your face totally bare with light strokes .

Goatee Without Mustache

Skip the Stache for a style that helps your chin look longer. Use your trimmer to outline the shape of your beard, then shave the rest of your hair above the lip and across the rest of your face.

Petite Goatee

The Petite Goatee is exactly what it sounds like: a smaller goatee. This style can also help the chin look longer.

Royale Beard

Also a type of goatee, the Royale Beard is a mustache with a disconnected chin patch. Use a trimmer for the shape and then shave away the hair that connects the mustache to the beard.

So, which goatee style will you try? Tweet us @Gillette to let us know or check out our other facial hair styles for more inspiration.

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