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Gillette Blue3 Cool


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1. What is new about the new Sensor 3 range? How is it different from the old Blue3 razors?
For the first time in 30 years we have introduced new lubrastrip technology onboard Gillette® Sensor disposable razors which delivers higher quality lubrication and glide and brings a level of comfort that has never been experienced before with a Gillette disposable razor. We have called this “ComfortFresh technology”

2. How does it work?
Gillette identified a new lubrastrip material with a lower melting point that allows the lubrastrip to be processed at much lower temperatures, infusing it with much better quality lubricants than before (which would previously not have withstood the high processing temperatures of the standard lubrastrip).

3. What is ComfortFresh technology?
It is the name we have given to our new lubrication technology which gets activated by water and delivers better lubrication and glide, resulting in customized experiences of comfort which have never been experienced before with Gillette Sensor disposable razors.

4. How is ComfortFresh technology better?
We use a new material to create the strip which can be processed at much lower temperatures than the previous material. This allows the strip to be infused with much better lubricants than before (which previously could not withstand the high processing temperatures in the older strip technology). These lubricants are longer in shape and create a gel-like layer that is more lubricious or cushioning than the older Sensor3 strip-technology, delivering ultimate glide and comfort.

5. What is the difference between the Comfort, Sensitive and Cool version?
Gillette has understood that men and their skin have different needs and have therefore introduced 3 unique versions which are tailored to men`s personal preferences. They differ in the level of lubrication and in the sensorial experience they provide.

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