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Gillette Blue3 Cool Men's Disposable Razor


Gillette Blue3 Cool - Cooling Animation

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Gillette Blue3 Cool - Skin Sensing

Gillette Blue3 Cool - Fin Guard


What is new about Blue3 Cool? How does it work?

Blue3 Cool is Gillette`s first disposable razor with added “cooling technology” that creates a cooling, refreshing sensation during the shave.

The ingredient responsible for this sensation (otherwise known as a “cooling sensate”) is formulated in the lubricating strip. During the shave this “cooling sensate” is released when the cartridge comes into contact with water, making the skin perceive a cooling sensation similar to how menthol works. For many men, a cool, refreshing sensation is an important part of the ideal shaving experience.

Experience a more refreshing shave by combining the Blue3 Cool razor together with the new Series Cool shave gel or foam.

The combined cooling effect creates a cooling sensation that is felt faster and more intensely than with a non-cooling shave prep.

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