Environmental Impact & Sustainability

Gillette Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible grooming products, while taking significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We are focused on developing innovative products and packaging that deliver exceptional grooming experiences in a sustainable way.

Commitment to reduce our carbon footprint.
Did you know that the majority of consumers globally now want the brands they buy to help them live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle? And the science is clear – we need to take urgent, decisive action. At Gillette, we want to make it easy for you and all our users to make more sustainable choices. As part of P&G’s 2040 Net Zero commitment, Gillette is working on a plan – from the materials we source to the way we ship our products. We’ve also set interim targets for 2030 to make meaningful progress when it’s needed: now. To reach our goals, we will need to leverage both existing solutions and seek out transformative new ones. This will require invention, creativity, and partnership, with more work to come as we progress on this journey.
We Plan to deliver Impact
2030 Milestones

We plan to deliver impact by focusing
our efforts in 2 key areas:

With every new product, we are finding ways to make Gillette’s production more sustainable, and Gillette’s products more durable.
Our Goals
reduction of petroleum based virgin plastics
of the packages are recyclable or reusable
Information about our formulas is easy to find
FSC logo
Responsible sourcing, backed by supporting credentials (for example, Forest Stewardship Council certified paper)
Concrete Action
Design plays an important role to help accelerate the circular economy.
Our Goals
manufacturing waste
to landfill*
reduction in water consumption at our plants
renewable purchased
electricity in our plants**
* at P&G owned facilities only, not including third party suppliers or contract manufacturers
** in Gillette owned manufacturing sites globally, electricity purchased via renewable certificates. Other sources of electricity are also used in some manufacturing centres and contract manufacturers.
Concrete Action


And that’s just the start. We are committed to keep reducing our emissions by at least 50% by 2030 through the adoption of 100% renewable purchased electricity, and further electrifying our business.
Conserving Resources
Reducing water consumption
We plan to achieve a 35% reduction in water consumption used at our Gillette plants over the next decade, while also helping you do the same at home. Find out more.
We plan to achieve reduction in water consumption
Designing better products
We design our products with open blade architecture, so they don’t need much water to clean. Innovative approaches like this help you save on water use at home.
Gillette Product designed with open blade architecture
Zero waste
We currently send zero manufacturing waste to landfill from our plants* and plan to sustain this important effort.

*at P&G owned facilities only, not including 3rd party suppliers or contract manufacturers.
Zero Manufacturing waste
Did You Know? Easy Ways to Reduce Your Impact at Home
Our mission to help improve our environmental impact doesn’t stop at the store shelf. We’re also providing easy and actionable advice for how consumers can save energy and water at home while grooming with Gillette products.
Alongside P&G, we also participate in global alliances like the 50L Home Coalition to continue to learn new ways to reduce environmental impact at home.
Guided by Experts
Our work benefits from the guidance of numerous outside partners who make up Gillette’s Sustainability Advisory Council. This six-member panel was hand selected for its technical knowledge and years of experience. We meet regularly to share information on our progress – as well as our challenges. With their support, we are making the most of every opportunity as we work towards achieving our 2030 goals.

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