Disposable Razors

Explore Gillette’s portfolio of disposable razor packs.

Gillette disposable razors: a great shave is within your grasp. Ranging from our twin-blade Blue II to our advanced Blue3 disposable blades, the convenience of “use and toss” meets the performance of Gillette precision engineering.

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  • Gillette Blue3 Cool Men's Disposable Razor

    Gillette® Blue®3 Cool Men's Disposable Razor

    Blue3 Cool Men’s Disposable Razor is Gillette’s first disposable razor with added cooling technology for a cool, refreshing sensation during the shave.

    The razor offers a smoother shave and 100% better rinsing (vs. Blue2 Plus), with a pivoting head for a close shave.

    Complete with an ergonomic non-slip handle for more control and manoeuvrability than a fixed head Gillette 2-bladed disposable razor, the Blue3 Cool gives you up to 10 smooth shaves per razor.

    Based on Nielsen sales data July 2015 - June 2016. Among 3 bladed male disposable razors. Blue3 is also sold as Prestobarba3 and Sensor3 in other geographies.


    Gillette Sensor3 Men’s Disposable razor is the world’s #1 selling 3-blade disposable*. The razor offers a smoother shave and has 100% better rinsing (vs. Sensor2 Plus). It features an Enhanced Lubrastrip that helps blades glide over. A Pivoting Head provides incredible closeness. Complete with a non-slip rubber handle for great control and maneuverability. Get up to 10 smooth shaves per razor.

    *Nielsen sales data July 2014 - June 2015. Among 3 bladed male disposable razors. Sensor3 is also sold as Prestobarba3 and Blue3 in other geographies.

  • Gillette Blue Simple3 Disposable Razors

    Gillette Blue Simple3 is Gillette’s best value 3-bladed disposable razor. Blue Simple 3 gives you fewer nicks and cuts (vs. BlueII Plus) and is equipped with 3 spring-mounted blades for a close, smooth and comfortable shave. Its open architecture allows for easier rinsing.

    It also features the Lubrastrip for an easy glide, as well as a fin guard to help stretch the skin and prepare the hair to be cut. With Gillette Blue Simple3 you’ll get a shave others will notice, but your wallet won’t.

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  • Blue III® Disposable Razor

    Gillette Blue3 Men's Disposable Razor offers a smoother shave and has 100% better rinsing.*

    It features an enhanced Lubrastrip for extraordinary comfort.** A pivoting head adjusts to the contours of your face. Complete with a soft Ultragrip handle for great control.

    *vs BlueII
    **vs BlueII Plus

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